To Be Mastered by the Whole Story

Scot McKnight is convinced we misunderstand the Kingdom story. If I understand him correctly, he is suggesting we understand some specifics but often try to apply them outside their intended context. We are trying to live out bullet points in a narrative story. Our knowledge and efforts are sometimes misdirected because we lack the overall structure that allows us to live the Kingdom story to its fullest.

McKnight suggests we have been somewhat effective at teaching content and beliefs and creeds. This includes the personal salvation story. However, we have not been as effective at teaching how to live together as those who have experienced salvation.

One proposal from Kingdom Conspiracy is that we become better at exposing ourselves to all the grand themes of the bible. We want to read and reread the bible “so that we will learn what it says and be reminded of what we have forgotten.” This is not about turning everyone into bible students. This is about the local church doing its job of exposing one another to the whole bible. This includes preaching the whole bible story. Too often, preachers have been guilty of treating scripture as top forty radio, replaying our favorites over and over again. McKnight would have us preach the bible, front to back, again and again, “to master that story and be mastered by that story.”


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