Preaching as Lullaby

It is true that we do not know the songs Mary may have sung to Jesus and his brothers to help them sleep at night. But thanks to Luke we do know at least one song she sang during pregnancy. It is difficult to believe she would have only sung this one time. It was a song about scattering the proud and bringing down rulers. It was a song about lifting the humble and filling the hungry. Should we be surprised if her lullabies may have been a little political as well?

There is much to be made about tone, volume, and affect during communication. But the content of our communication is equally important. We might think of Mary as if she is a meek and mild Madonna who would sing only calming lullabies. Yet the content of her song has the language of a revolution. It may not have played on pop radio, but others likely sang similar songs if not this very same one. No wonder Herod the Great was so nervous. I suspect Luke would expect us to be as revolutionary in our preaching. I don’t know if the powers that be are nervous when we preach, but perhaps they should be.


2 thoughts on “Preaching as Lullaby

  1. Good stuff and well said. Nothing to add but I will say that one wonders if the depiction of an always serene, unflappable Mary with head bowed and eyes down might be a bit overplayed, similar to that description of her Son, “the little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.”

  2. As I continued to reflect on your comments I remembered hearing Mark Skinner back in the late 70s. Skinner is a black man from Harlem, the son of a Baptist minister. He was known for confronting issues of social justice from the standpoint of the gospel of Jesus. He said that as a young man, he was in the throes of a critical decision about his life and Jesus. His decision was whether he would choose Jesus or Marxism. Skinner said he chose Jesus and the Gospel because Marxism wasn’t radical enough!

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