Who do you think have been the most influential preachers in our lifetime? Feel free to include personal influences…


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  1. Randy, here’s my list. I did it without looking at yours first. Admittedly, Hybels and Warren are probably more influential as leaders than as preachers, but I listed them because I believe they have significantly influenced preaching.

    Billy Graham
    Bill Hybels
    Rick Warren
    John MacArthur
    John Piper
    Charles Stanley
    Andy Stanley

  2. I think it has a lot to do with what circles you are in and what accounts for preaching now has changed dramatically in our lifetime. Whether or not you like their theology you have to know that people are listening to Mark Driscol, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus to name a few and for the upcoming generation there are spoken word poets (ie Levi the Poet) who might even fit the bill.

  3. My considerations are about wide influence over time and not necessarily favorites. So along with Billy and John Stott, I would probably add Haddon Robinson for affecting the shape of preaching; and another top scholar who should not be overlooked as a preacher is Tom Wright.

    For me, personally, Paul Rees and Dennis Kinlaw are very important influences.

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